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Ambrosia Archiving Launch Press Release 2021

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

For Immediate Release Contact: Alison Levin


Ambrosia Archiving Launches as a One-Stop, Personalized Shop for Organizing and Digitizing Photos, Records and Keepsakes

Denver-based company offers safe handling of irreplaceable memories through

pickup and delivery

DENVER (Feb. 15, 2021) – In November of 2020, Alison Levin, a skilled professional with decades of experience working on family history, historic preservation and archiving photos and documents, launched Ambrosia Archiving, a Denver-based woman-owned company offering a personalized service to help people organize and digitize photos, records and keepsakes accumulated over years or generations.

Ambrosia Archiving eliminates the stress and anxiety of preserving years of photos and documents, working with clients to create a tailored plan of action for organizing, digitizing and protecting generations of memories - resulting in reducing clutter and allowing greater access to retrieving images and documents.

“All families have stories to tell. I launched Ambrosia Archiving to make it easier for individuals and families and illuminate the memories that tell those stories,” said Alison Levin, founder of Ambrosia Archiving. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are at home taking on organizational projects. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do the work for you that’s been overwhelming for years? We offer a personalized service with an all-inclusive pricing structure and unique services that include a detailed plan, pickup and delivery of items, hand-scanning and careful handling of historic materials – all creating tighter control over the archiving process. We recognize the irreplaceable and priceless value of photos and historic documents and created a business to honor and archive these sacred mementos.”

Services include collaboration on special projects such as photo books, cards, calendars, slideshows for celebrations such as weddings, and help tracing ancestral roots through online platforms. Ambrosia Archiving can work out of clients’ homes, offices or storage units and can easily align with other services such as concierges, personal organizers and designers. For more information about services, visit

About Ambrosia Archiving

Ambrosia Archiving is a personalized service to help people organize and digitize their photos, records and keepsakes. Unlike other retail or online outlets, Ambrosia Archiving travels to clients, develops a tailored plan of action, and collaborates in-house to provide digitization services alongside storage and organization solutions. For more information about Ambrosia Archiving, visit the website, or engage with the company on Facebook and Instagram (@ambrosiaarchiving).



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