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Alison Levin grew up in Virginia where she cultivated her curiosity of history, nostalgia and photography into a degree in Interior Design and with a concentration in Historic Preservation.


Her work with several historical societies in Virginia and Colorado coupled with her extensive sales and marketing experience at some of the biggest corporations all honed her strategic planning, problem solving, ideation and customer service skills. 


But it was when she became the custodian of her own family's history - amassed over 100 years in the form of photographs, documents and records - that her passion turned into a business.

Providing the best digital photo organizing service available is paramount in her quest to help you preserve your family legacy. It's a wonderful way to honor your family from generations past for generations to come.

Alison's Mission

"All families have stories to tell. I launched Ambrosia Archiving to make it easier for individuals and families to access and illuminate the memories that tell that story." 

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