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Travel Polaroids

archiving process



Let's talk about your project! Tell us what you have - photos, photo albums, letters, cards/postcards, children's art, slides, video or audio tapes, film reels? And guess-estimate the quantity of each category? Write these down.


All images are removed from albums, frames, and boxes. We'll sort and organize your entire collection into a chronological catalog system to house everything from photos to slides. Once the catalog system folders are created, additional phases of items can be rolled into them - even subfolders for special trips, like Hawaii, Europe, weddings, etc.


In the true fashion of professional archiving, images are hand-scanned with protective gloves, tagged with information, and placed into appropriate folders. They'll then go through editing to improve imperfections and restore original colors.





Upon completion of the digitizing process, images are uploaded to a cloud account or onto a thumb drive. Originals can be returned or disposed of. Additional thumb drives can be distributed as gifts to relatives or siblings settling the estates of loved ones. And special projects can be created like photo books or cards.


If digitization isn't in the cards for you presently, we can preserve your photos in their present state. Your entire collection will be curated by implementing traditional archiving best practices and curb the deterioration of your items. Physical images will be placed in acid-free boxes and sleeves and placed in temperate spaces for storage, free of humidity,

direct light, and heat fluctuations.

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