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Frequent Questions



What is digital archiving? 

Digital archiving is the process of transitioning media items such as photographs and documents into a digital repository eliminating the need for physical copies, providing long-term preservation, and enabling multiple access points.  

What are the advantages of digital archiving?

Because paper and photographs deteriorate over time, digital archiving stops this breakdown protecting their integrity and keeping them safe from fire, theft, and damage. With a digital repository, you can easily search and access your images from anywhere to share with family and friends. It also provides flexibility in creating a myriad of showcasing options such as memory books, printed calendars and cards, or slideshows for personal events.

How is digital archiving different from traditional archiving? 

Traditional archiving maintains paper collections, books, and rare documents in their original form in a library-type setting, such as the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Most universities, cities, and states maintain a repository of important historic items.

What are storage solutions? 

Properly storing documents, images, and memorabilia helps mitigate the decay of aged collections. Using archival products to house these items not only helps preserve them but also makes them easier to find by sorting into a catalog system. Creating organized spaces in temperate climates is essential to maintaining your memories.

Why should I choose Ambrosia Archiving? 

We come to your home and offer a personalized collaboration with customized solutions to fit any size project. By aligning with you step by step, we take the stress and anxiety off you to organize, digitize, create storage plans, and provide sharing methods for images and documents.

We come to you - eliminating the need to travel to a retail location or mail to a service, ensuring a safe and secure transport of your irreplaceable momentos. Carefully, we will remove items for digitization as well as provide storage methods and organization services in your home.

How are you different from other services?

How long does it take to digitize photos and documents? 

Timelines depend on the size of collections, complexity, and outcomes desired. A smaller project could take a couple of weeks while a larger project could take a couple of months or more.

What services do you provide? 

How much does it cost to digitize? 

It varies on the amount to digitize. We are an all-inclusive service, which means we do not charge extra for removal of photos from albums, page scans, editing, cataloging, and delivery. Digitization of other media-slides, film, and video is available as an optional service. 

Do you do bulk-scanning? 

No, everything is hand-scanned with protective gloves. Bulk-scanning is only applicable with same size photos done en masse at a retailer.

What formats can you send digitized photos? 

USB drives, online cloud services, dropbox, and external drives. You can also provide a format or suggest one. 

Do you charge for these formats? 

USB drives are included. Cloud services are based on your account setup. Other devices are extra.

Why should I have an in-home consultant? 

Most families amass generations of photos, albums, and memorabilia which they want to keep for themselves and pass on to their children and grandchildren. Over time, these collections can accumulate becoming overwhelming and stressful to manage in the long-term. With so many boxes, documents, and photographs, it can be difficult to hit the ‘start’ button. Let us do all that for you and more.

Are initial conversations complimentary? 

Yes, our initial discussion allows review of your project and creates a basis for pricing.

Do you charge for in-home consultations? 

Yes, there is a fee of $100 - which is applied should you use our services. We will come to your home and do a walk-through, determine what you have and what you would like to do with it, and provide suggestions and best practices.

What about Covid? 

In these challenging times, it can be stressful to think of someone in your home. We will come prepared with masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and practice social distancing during the walk-through.

Can you divide a large project into phases and timeframes? 

Of course. We can create an outline of your objectives and go at any pace you prefer.

Do you offer creative services like photo books or calendars and cards? 

Yes, we can design keepsake products to showcase your memories.

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