Standard Photo Albums
Typically 52 pages front/back with an average of 3 photos per page = 156 photos/album

Non-Standard Images
Includes magazines, newspapers, children's art, cards, and postcards.

Scrapbooks & Older Photo Albums
Legal, ledger, or custom sized with varying pages and varying photos per page. 

Older Media Conversion
Includes 8mm & 16mm film reels, VCR & camcorder tapes, audio reels & cassette tapes, slides.

Boxes of loose photos
Varying sizes across different time periods. 

Projects & Gift Ideas
Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and holidays. Creation of slideshows, photo books, flipbooks, cards, calendars, and more!

What do I do with all of these photos? 

I don’t want to throw them out but there’s just so much.

So many people have daunting amounts of photos, documents, and older media that go back to their childhood and those of their loved ones - collections handed down from parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.


These priceless images may be sitting in garages, attics, and closets taking up space, deteriorating from lack of preservation, and in danger of an emergency such as fire or flooding. The quantity can be overwhelming and even stressful to think about. These are irreplaceable keepsakes. 


Don’t let your photos continue to sit - let Ambrosia Archiving help!


By converting images to digital: 

  • you'll eliminate the need for hard copies freeing up spaces and securing their safety from fire and flooding.

  • create one repository for all your images such as a cloud account, an external drive or USB/jump drive.

  • have your images organized into a catalog system so they can be found easily.

Our services will:

  • pickup your items, sort and organize, hand-scan with protective gloves, edit and restore colors, and upload to a device enabling the hard copies to be tossed. 

Let us help preserve your family's legacy for generations to come!

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