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All families have stories to tell

Let us illuminate your memories to tell those stories.

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Ambrosia Archiving is your best digital archiving and photo organizing service that provides expert scanning services from a Digital Archivist & Preservation Expert. Digitizing Photos, Slides, Videos, and much more! 


Every photo tells a story and evokes feelings and memories of beloved family members, friends, events, travel, celebrations, and so on.


By becoming your family's curator and storyteller, you bring those memories alive and tell the tales of those who are no longer able. Passing down family history and legacy honors generations past and provides future generations a window

into their own history.


Let us help preserve your family legacy and memories so you can tell your story.

What Clients Say

"What a beautiful job Ambrosia Archiving did digitizing my grandparent's old slides. These irreplaceable memories are clear and bright, and I can't wait to use them again!"

Illuminate your memories

When all of my grandparents passed away, I inherited thousands of photos, photo albums, historical documents, letters, cards, postcards, video tapes, and film reels.


As the de-facto family curator during an analog time, I set out to preserve everything in archival materials until technology and digitization caught up.

Leveraging a passion for history and years of archival work in historical societies, all of my family memories are now in a digital format - and my family archives are preserved forever!

In creating Ambrosia Archiving, I am a digital archivist who seeks to help others conserve their family legacies as I did with mine. Let us know how we can help!

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