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What do I do with all these photos?

"I don't want to throw them away but don't know what to do with them."

When you start the journey to manage your collection, think about your family legacy and how it should be remembered. Telling your family story through photos and documents is so important. Consider these are the only copies you have and irreplaceable.

What is the time you might take to sort through thousands of photos, dozens of albums, slide carousels, and film reels to decide what you would and wouldn't like to digitize. It's an enormous and overwhelming undertaking, and many of us shudder at the thought.

That is why hiring a professional company who truly cares about history and preserving memories is paramount. We handle all items as if they're our own and love sorting through keepsakes to keep these memories alive for our clients.

A rule of thumb is 1" of photos = 100 photos. This measure helps in assessing the quantity of photos you have - which enables an estimate of time and cost.

Loose photos
Stack of photos


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