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The Importance of Saving Handwritten Letters

Updated: Feb 14

History has proven that letters written in the hand of the author provide a stunning glimpse into the world they lived.

It's heartwarming and bittersweet to run across a handwritten letter your grandmother wrote when you were in college or a card you sent to your Mom when you were little. Preserving letters can be an amazing trip into the past showcasing the times of your family and current events of the day.

Clients often ask me to digitize letters written throughout the lifetime of relatives. Cards, condolences, invitations, and highlighted magazine articles show how life was in the time they were written or saved. During wartime, these letters were a lifeline for those in combat as they checked in on loved ones and shared first hand accounts of their experiences. Letters written in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam give a glimpse into the workings of our military, the feelings of soldiers and their comrades, and the daily grinds they endured. Loved ones share everything from typical days shopping for their children, replacing a kitchen floor, and family birthdays - and often, they included newspaper clippings that inform on hometown events - sports scores, pop culture, national and local events. It's a window into time that is worth saving and sharing.

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