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Shoutout Colorado Magazine's "Unique Perspectives" reveals archiving approach to digitization links to the article and reveals our passion for helping people preserve their family legacy.

With so many photos, documents, and older media to sift through - we take a phased approach and start with the oldest items first. These are at the most risk of deterioration and fading - especially film reels and video tapes which become brittle and can simply break. "Newer" images from about 1990 to the present are at a lesser risk and can wait a bit longer - provided they are placed indoors, in a temperate climate, away from sunlight and moisture.

Paper information such as birth records, letters, diplomas, children's art should be tackled as soon as possible as paper will fade and become fragile often falling apart. Letters, particularly, can be a great insight to a loved one's life and feature their handwriting which is a treasure in itself.

Let us create a tailored plan of organizing, scanning, and restoring your images so they last for many lifetimes.


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